Sunday, February 27, 2011

How my day went!

Ok...some people are telling me I have to post about how my day went so here I am doing it..

This morning was okay..Took a shower..Got ready..Went to my cuz house..Had food..Kamryn screamed..Left cuz house..Came home..Had dinner..Practiced my speech 4 tuesday (said "UM" literally 20 million times!!)..Fed pugz..Now on computer..

~That is how my day went :)~

**Ps: If u want to; feel free to share your day with me and LOTS of other people!**


  1. Great post, Morgan! I don't have much of a voice today so just sitting around today.

  2. Ohh. I hope you feel MUCH better today Nanny (kay)

  3. I love your Blog Morgan. It is fun to see how you are doing. How was your day at school? How did your project go? Did you have an opportunity to share? Gramma 'Nise was asking me about that. Did you show your Momma the visual aids? It would be fine. We are glad to be home from Texas. It was an excellent pacemaker conference and we learned a lot, but there is NO PLACE like home!! Glad you had a good time celebrating your Papa. I am sure he enjoyed himself. We have had a lot of snow this past week. It snows, melts, ices up, snows. I am ready for Spring :-) Our new puppy, Darla is doing really well. She is cute as a button and should do very well in the show ring. She is about 14 weeks old and oh my gosh has some attitude! You have a great night and day tomorrow.

  4. you did AWESOME on your speech practice & I bet you NAILED it today! Love you blue eyes! xoxo

  5. So, did you get to give your speech today and use the visual aids? How did you feel about the project overall? I bet all the kids had lots of interesting speeches/visual aids to see. Tell us about them :-)