Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crapy/ Craby day :)

Ok...so I didnt take a shower this morning because I wanted to sleep in, I did that and I had a wonderful morning. Except the bickering between my mom and I! I went to school.. I went to a track meeting (very BORING!!) By the way I am not doing track anymore; I am doing vollyball :) So...then what do you know my mom and I are fighting agian..For like the past 2-3 hours..Then when we got home I had to do "outside and inside chores". i dont know what my mom was thinking but they were SUPER DUPER easy... (wait ohh ya my mom is gonna see this..ohhh well!)
~Now I am sitting down having a nice and quite computer time~

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  1. yaa, yesterday stunk. It's hard growing up Blue Eyes ... hard for all of us ;) Hang in there, we will get through this. And know how much I LOVE you! xoxo